With Antunes in your corner, you can expect success — but why?
What makes our company so unique?
First, we’re proud to be family-owned and operated, with three generations currently working inside the company today. From our headquarters in Carol Stream, Illinois, we’ve grown to become a leading custom solutions provider of countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for the global foodservice market. At Antunes, we don’t just solve problems for our customers. We create the right solutions. That means offering innovative products of the highest quality, backed by our team of industry experts and our commitment to personal service. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 60 years — and it’s what we continue to do every day for our customers around the world.
From our founding in 1955, August J. Antunes built our company on values that still inform our work to this day — principles like integrity, respect for people, excellence, passion and family. Those core values helped shape our company’s promise: to drive success for every customer — first by listening, then by delivering on our steadfast commitment to excellence. Today, Antunes continues to innovate, but it’s all about meeting the needs of our customers first. Our story began with the creation of a simple switch designed to solve a real-world challenge in the market — and new chapters of that story are written every day as our engineers and experts work together on the next great solution.

We exist to make our customers successful while positively impacting the world.







We continually pursue excellence. We expect every solution, product and service that we provide to consistently exceed the customers’ expectations. We are accountable.

We respect and trust each other. We value the diversity of our workforce. We invest in our team members. We believe in the worth of every individual and that the future of our company is dependent on these team members.

We keep our word. We are ethical. We hold ourselves to a single high standard of integrity in everything we do.

We are passionate about building an enduring great company. By doing so, we serve all of our customers, team members, suppliers and the societies we touch.

We are a privately held company that prides itself on being family owned and operated. We intend to stay that way.

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