Addressing The “Fresh” Trend With The Egg Station By Antunes
SITUATION:Through market research and focus groups, a U.S. bagel and coffee chain found that “fresh” was a strong trend and that there was an increased industry focus on having a fresher, more health-conscious menu.

With this focus on fresh, the chain was looking to transition away from cooking eggs using a high-powered microwave and polycarbonate bowls.
EXECUTION:Antunes’ Egg Stations offer a reliable way to cook eggs to order using steam and heat. Antunes customized the Egg Station units to meet the chain’s needs based on operator feedback from field testing. This included modifying the timing and the sound and level of the audio timer to better differentiate the timer sound from other kitchen equipment.

Because it doesn’t require a hood and has a small countertop footprint, Antunes’ Egg Station also fits within the limited back-of-house space.
RESULT:The chain has completed its national roll-out of Egg Stations, which are used to cook both shelled eggs and liquid egg whites. Ultimately, the product improved the quality and consistency of the eggs used in the chain’s variety of egg sandwiches.

“We are always looking to elevate our quality while maintaining our guest’s expectations of quick service. Working with Antunes and their egg cooker provided us a way to do both,” said a research and development chef for the chain.
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