Antunes Announces Installation and Service Program for Water Filtration Equipment

Antunes is now offering installation and service for its water filtration equipment through a partnership with a team of certified, skilled beverage installers.

The beverage installers will handle the installation of all of the company’s water filtration equipment and will service the installed equipment, both in and out of warranty. When an install or service is requested, Antunes will dispatch a representative and provide support to the technician and/or the customer throughout the process.

“With this partnership, our customers will have peace of mind knowing the system is installed and properly maintained to ensure their customers are receiving high quality water on a consistent basis throughout the equipment life cycle,” said Joe Carone, director of technical service at Antunes.

In addition to installation and service needs, special services offered by Antunes and now managed through this partnership include:

Site Surveys – Site surveys can be performed before or after system installation. It includes site photography, water sample collection for analysis, and collection of requested data.

System Startup Service – For customers who do a self-install or have their Antunes unit installed by a company that has not been factory trained, the startup service will ensure the equipment will perform to the customer’s expectation and guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty is active.

Filter replacement program – This program tracks when a cartridge requires replacement and schedules the service with the customer. Replacement is necessary to ensure that the unit performs to the manufacture specifications and that customers receive the highest quality water.

Operators looking for more information or those with questions about this partnership should contact Antunes’ technical service department at (877) 392-7854.

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