Antunes Radiant Toasting: High Performance in a Compact Footprint

Let’s face it – in the restaurant business, it’s all about location. In a world where virtual restaurants are on the rise, location is key for brick-and-mortars.

Yet, for aspiring restauranteurs, finding that perfect location comes with its own challenges—the location’s size must meet the intended vision for the restaurant, meaning sufficient room for both seating and operations with plenty of space for staff, ingredients, and equipment, some of which is very large.

The solution is doing more with less space – and Antunes’s radiant toasting technology can help you do just that.

Radiant Toasting Technology Eases Common Pain Points

From hoagies to toast, bagels and buns, many toasters on the market today offer inconsistent results from one bread type to another. But as restaurants—both new and established—race to adapt to ever-evolving diner demands, operators need a consistent, reliable toasting solution that meets a variety of different products.

With integrated systems that can be customized to meet the exact needs of a restaurant, Antunes’s radiant toasters offer an intelligent solution with features and specifications that ensure easy operator use and optimum performance in any kitchen.

Antunes radiant toasters provide you with critical edges over the competition, including:

  • – Energy-efficient designs that minimize heat loss
  • – Ability to toast different products on a single setting
  • – Independent toasting chambers for different products, speeds and temperatures
  • – Different product delivery options (pass-thru, front-load/front-return)
  • – Integrated heated holding zone with a timer for managing product
  • – Automatic calibration for different product volume
  • – Programmable controls for different day parts
  • – Smaller footprints to fit into existing or smaller kitchen layouts
  • – Smart Controller that sense products and adjusts toast time
  • – Up to eight programmable settings for quick product changes
  • – Ease of cleaning, including a removable crumb tray
  • – A removable heat shield to protect against hot surfaces

The Antunes solution excels in delivering an energy-efficient, sustainable solution that not only reduces your total cost of ownership but offers ease of use and critical space-saving capabilities that help you maximize every inch of your location.

Simply put, with insightful, customer-based designs and features, Antunes radiant toasters deliver consistent results and reliable performance, helping both new and established operators succeed in today’s rapidly changing foodservice industry.

Watch this video to learn more about Antunes’ radiant toasting technology.