Antunes VZN Ultrafiltration: The Sustainable Choice

Foodservice is an industry where repeat visits and ongoing loyalty—thus revenues—have traditionally depended on taste. Clean, clear, filtered water improves the taste of not only coffee, tea, soft drinks, and ice, but also the food prepared or cleaned using that water.

It’s no wonder, then, that these businesses rely on water filtration systems to ensure reliable, filtered water on demand for their beverages and recipes. However, water filtration also helps ensure sanitary servings regardless of municipal water supply issues, increase equipment efficiency, and maintain equipment warranties that are typically voided when impure water is used.


The VZN Ultrafiltration Difference

Most mechanical and chemical filtration systems feature multiple high-maintenance cartridges that clog easily and require frequent changes (up to three or four times per year depending on water quality and usage volume), leading to disruptive service calls and expenses incurred for each individual cartridge changed.

As a space-saving, compact, purposely designed water filtration system, the VZN Ultrafiltration system from Antunes takes water filtration to the next level, providing consistently superior results with fewer costs and less hassle.

The VZN system delivers safe, high-quality ingredient water through a two-phase process wherein the mechanical filtration is separated from the chemical filtration by a multi-bore ultrafilter with membranes that reduce particles as small as .015 microns—33 times finer than .5-micron filtration. This substantially reduces particles while maintaining water minerals that are beneficial to health.

Further, because particles are separated by the ultrafilter before the water enters the carbon cartridge, ensuring only pre-filtered water moves through the system while preventing the VZN carbon cartridge from becoming clogged, the VZN system achieves the highest taste and odor reduction in the industry and reduces the strain on the cartridge itself. Unlike traditional options, the VZN system requires only one carbon cartridge replacement per year.

The VZN’s carbon cartridge also costs less than a standard filtration cartridge, because it doesn’t have to perform mechanical filtration. Antunes’ ultrafiltration technology automatically self-cleans the ultrafilter using regular flushes of water, extending the overall lifespan of the ultrafilter and the carbon cartridge.

Boasting a variety of horizontal and vertical configurations that are NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certified for particulate reduction and Standard 53 certified for the reduction of cyst and turbidity, with additional technologies available to address specific issues like scale build up and chloramine reduction, there’s a VZN solution to meet any foodservice water treatment application.


VZN Ultrafiltration Delivers a Lower Cost of Ownership

By having fewer cartridges than standard consumable filtration systems, the cost to the store owner or franchisee for a VZN ultrafiltration system is significantly reduced. In fact, over time and often in less than 18 months, the savings from fewer replacement filters required more than makes up for the initial purchase price for the unit.

In addition, upping the ante for the lowest possible overall cost of ownership, a VZN system has an expected lifespan that ranges from five to ten years.


VZN Ultrafiltration Promotes Sustainability

To preserve products and maintain customer loyalty, the foodservice industry has traditionally prioritized inventory, labor management and ambiance over sustainability. However, about half of the consumers in a survey said that they consider an establishment’s sustainability efforts an important factor when choosing a place to dine, and a FoodSafety magazine article reports that a sustainability focus can reduce restaurant spend by 20% to 30%.

In addition, upping the ante for the lowest possible overall cost of ownership, a VZN ultrafilter has an expected lifespan that ranges from five to 10 years and features a carbon cartridge that only requires changing once a year, resulting in fewer cartridges in landfills.

VZN systems are also available with a TAC (Template-Assisted Crystallization) technology cartridge that reduces limescale by 96% to 98% without the use of any chemicals and doesn’t waste water or require any chemical replenishment.

Simply put, the VZN ultrafiltration system is the eco-friendly water filtration choice for the foodservice industry.

Watch this video or request a demo to learn how to save time, money and waste with a VZN ultrafiltration solution from Antunes.


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