Best Practices for Cleaning Countertop Cooking Equipment

In a commercial kitchen, total return on investment depends on how long the investment lasts, and proper cleaning techniques help improve the life of equipment.

Although specific cleaning practices vary based on the individual piece of equipment, there are some overall best practices to take into account:

Be safe.

Turn the unit off, disconnect the power source and allow the unit to cool down before performing any cleaning maintenance on the unit. For equipment that may be hot to the touch, put on heat resistant gloves. For additional details, thoroughly read all maintenance instructions and warnings found in the owner’s manual.

Don’t forget about the accessories.

Cleaning the equipment, but ignoring the other components that come in contact with food products, only accomplishes part of the task. Washing and sanitizing accessories, like bun chutes, perforated pans and spatulas, helps ensure that the entire unit is ready for service.

Follow instructions.

Use the owner’s manual as a guide for properly cleaning equipment. The equipment manufacturer will likely recommend daily cleaning of key components. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure the equipment continues to operate efficiently and minimize downtime. Don’t wait until there is a significant build-up or other need to clean that can hinder the operation.

Communicate responsibility.

If daily cleaning is not assigned to a particular person or team, it may be overlooked. Operators that make cleaning part of a job description and hold team members accountable will find more success.

Work with your manufacturer and local authorized service provider.

Technical service can advise on proper cleaning techniques, help troubleshoot problems and make recommendations for changing a cleaning schedule to potentially alleviate issues. Your local authorized service provider, which works closely with the manufacturer, offers various preventative maintenance packages that can include thorough inspection, cleaning and replacement of certain components depending on the age. 

Properly cleaned equipment can offer operations long-term benefits such as increased uptime and throughput. To help ensure that you’re following the recommended cleaning procedure, find the owner’s manual for a piece of Antunes equipment using the product search.