Bringing Consistency and Efficiency to a QSR’s Popular Menu Item
SITUATION:An American regional chain of fast food restaurants that prides itself on quality was reassessing their method for melting cheese onto french fries.
EXECUTION:Previously, the chain’s cooks had to melt cheese slices on a griddle and then add them to the fries. This process was inefficient and inconsistent. After working with Antunes to modify the unit to fit their specific needs, the chain began using the Rapid Steamer (RS-250).
RESULT:Using the RS-250, operators were now able to melt cheese easily and quickly, reducing customer wait times. Furthermore, the RS-250 not only freed up valuable griddle space and reduced the labor needed to clean the griddle, but it also created a more consistent menu item.

Because of these benefits — which helped streamline operations and contribute to a superior guest experience — the RS-250 has been deployed at all of the chain’s 300+ locations.
ABOUT:Antunes is a leading custom foodservice equipment manufacturer, specializing in countertop cooking and water filtration solutions for global operations. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes is driven by a commitment to provide reliable performance, customer-focused service and premium quality.