Building Consistency Across a Chain with the Egg Station
SITUATION:As they prepared to launch an all-day breakfast program, a Canadian fast food restaurant chain was looking for greater consistency in the eggs used for their breakfast sandwiches.
EXECUTION:Some of the chain’s restaurants were already using the Antunes Egg Station, an alternative to grill cooking that offers a reliable way to quickly cook eggs to order using steam and heat. Antunes had modified the Egg Station’s standard egg ring size to 3.75 inches in diameter to meet the chain’s specific needs.

The chain’s corporate leadership saw an opportunity to expand the use of this piece of equipment to increase efficiencies throughout their restaurants. Cooking the eggs the same way in the same amount of time gives them menu consistency from store-to-store, which contributes to a reliable guest experience.
RESULT:The chain partnered with Antunes on a comprehensive roll-out of its Egg Stations to approximately 550 restaurant locations. The Egg Stations are now used to cook fresh eggs for all of the chain’s breakfast sandwiches.
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