LEVERAGING OUR EXPERIENCE to serve a wide range of market segments.

Casual dining operations offer a guest experience focused on an inviting atmosphere, an engaging brand and delicious, high-quality food.

There’s real value in building a unique reputation with a growing, on-trend menu — while back-of-house, operators are looking for ways to minimize labor and energy costs. Antunes offers a complete lineup of solutions to meet these challenges for operations large and small.


Menu Variety

Profit Margins

High Food Quality

Customers love choices — but an expanding menu can translate to equipment overload without a flexible approach. Versatile solutions give operators the power to change up menu offerings and drive customer traffic without changing equipment.

Casual dining operations know customers expect value — from LTOs and specials to meal deals and more. By investing in versatile, efficient equipment, operators can remain profitable while also staying competitive on price.

With more focus than ever on chef-inspired offerings, there’s an emphasis on high food quality that demands high-quality equipment. From storage to preparation to final service, operators need a reliable, consistent way to deal with a variety of fresh ingredients.