The ClearBev Microfiltration System features a complete lineup of brackets, cartridges and prefilters to build the perfect system based on the required flow rate, filter life and scale reduction capabilities. Antunes makes it easy to create a customized filtration or point-of-use system to meet the specific needs and budget of any operation.


The ClearBev is available in 1 unique model.

Systems are available in eight different configurations and can be assembled with an assortment of cartridges to address any specific set of filtration needs.

Features / Benefits

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  • Customizable, economical filtration solutions
  • Cartridges available for sediment, taste and odor and scale reduction
  • Quick change for hassle-free installation, no pre-activation needed
  • High-impact and high-strength plastic housings
  • Equipped with water pressure gauge
  • Mounted on a high-quality stainless steel bracket
  • Monoblock header allows for quick cartridge change
  • Easy to install
  • Optional prefilter available to reduce dirt-loading and prolong the life of the cartridge

ClearBev cartridges are configured in multiple combinations of chemical taste and odor, sediment and scale reduction with a wide range of capacities, lifespans, micron ratings and quantities.

Available cartridges

  • CBE-3100 – 5 micron, 21 gpm, 14,000 gal
  • CBE-3200 – 0.5 micron, 21 gpm, 31,000 gal
  • CBE-3200S – 0.5 micron, 21 gpm, 31,000 gal, includes scale reduction

Available headers

  • CBE-S
  • CBE-TW
  • CBE-TR
  • CBE-QD
  • CME-S+SR