Contending Challenging Water Filtration Scenarios

Situation 1: You have a water filtration system that has multiple, high maintenance cartridges — requiring frequent, costly changes that you manage several times a year.

Situation 2: Your water filtration system needs its cartridges replaced on a frequent basis, but — trying to save money — you don’t change them out on the recommended schedule. This results in lower quality water that not only impacts your food and beverages, but your equipment performance as well.

Shouldn’t there be another option where you don’t have to choose saving time and money OR providing quality water?

With the VZN water filtration system from Antunes, there is.

The VZN system delivers high-quality ingredient water through a two-phase process that extends the lifespan of the carbon cartridge to ensure the lowest cost of ownership for premium water filtration.

Each VZN system features a multi-bore .015-micron ultrafilter with membranes that remove particles before water even enters the carbon cartridge.

This key stage ensures only pre-filtered water moves through, reducing the strain on the cartridge itself — even allowing for just one cartridge change annually, which saves time, money and waste. And, the carbon cartridge costs less because it doesn’t have to perform mechanical filtration.

VZN also automatically self-cleans the ultrafilter using regular flushes of water, which extends the typical lifespan of the ultrafilter to five years — and in some cases, up to 10 years.

Because the mechanically clean water prevents the carbon cartridge from becoming plugged, the VZN system achieves the highest taste and odor reduction in the industry.

Operators implementing the VZN water filtration system find themselves in a third scenario: enjoying high quality water with a system that is easy to use and easy to afford.

Learn more about the importance of a proper water filtration system installation to get you started on the right path.