Designing a Cheese Melting Solution for a Mexican Fast Food Chain
SITUATION: A Mexican fast food chain offers menu items that utilize a variety of tortillas. The pieces of equipment previously used for melting cheese were too small for a 12-inch tortilla. To ensure the quality of its menu, the chain required a solution that would accommodate the different sizes of tortillas and increase operational efficiency in the kitchen.
EXECUTION: Having previously provided steaming equipment for their kitchens in the past, Antunes collaborated with the chain to create a specialized steamer that would melt cheese on the larger tortillas while also performing in a timely manner to maximize kitchen production.

Antunes created a variation of the company’s Miracle Steamer, which was specifically designed with a larger cooking space to melt cheese on the wider tortillas. The new product fit perfectly into the line of equipment used by the quick-service chain.

RESULT: The unit successfully addressed the challenge presented by the different size tortillas and was implemented in all of the chain’s restaurants nationwide.

“We designed the customized steamer with a larger cooking area to accommodate a wider breadth of tortilla sizes. This allowed operators to provide customers with a greater variety of menu items with delicious, evenly melted cheese,” said Pete Hope, National Sales Manager for Antunes.

It only takes seven seconds for the steamer to melt cheese consistently for a number of food items — including tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

The unit also includes an audio alarm that signals employees when the food is ready to serve. This feature allows operators to better manage kitchen production and is useful for drive-thru orders that require employees to complete several tasks quickly.

“Operators were pleased that the unit’s audio feature alerted them when the finished product was ready for drive-thru customers, keeping wait times down and foods hotter,” reported Hope.

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