Enhancing Concession Menus with Help From the Miracle Steamer
SITUATION:An American movie theatre chain was seeking to improve the freshness and overall quality of their hot foods program and needed equipment that would enable them to execute an enhanced concessions menu.
EXECUTION:Antunes partnered with the movie theatre chain in the development of a custom Miracle Steamer to prepare the fresh, premium sliders and hot dogs with flavorful toppings that are part of the chain’s enhanced menu.

The Miracle Steamer (MS-150) delivers quick bursts of super-heated dry steam to quickly heat sliders and hot dogs with buns — even with toppings — without soaking the product in water. Foods keep their original textures, colors, flavors, and nutrients, resulting in food that looks fresher and tastes better.

Antunes modified this steamer to meet the needs of the expanded menu by adding a new four-channel timer with pre-programmed times instead of the one-channel timer that comes standard. By delivering a consistent amount of steam each time, the Miracle Steamer eliminates the guesswork and produces a uniform finish from one operator to the next.
RESULT:The new equipment, including the steamer from Antunes, enables the chain to increase the number of hot foods at the concession stand — giving guests more choices and positively contributing to their movie theatre experience.

According to the chain, 400 locations will launch the expanded menu in summer 2017, and the menu will be available circuit-wide by early fall 2017.
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