Expanding Breakfast Menus Through Antunes’ Reliable Egg Stations
SITUATION:A chain of bakery-café fast casual restaurants was expanding its breakfast menu and was investigating options for cooking freshly cracked eggs as part of its new breakfast sandwiches.
EXECUTION:Antunes’ Egg Stations offer a reliable way to cook eggs to order using steam and heat. Compact and easy to operate, this unit allowed the chain to take advantage of the profitable breakfast daypart and build their menu around a consistent product solution.
RESULT:The chain rolled out Antunes’ Egg Stations to all 1,200 locations it had at the time. The chain now has approximately 2,000 locations throughout the U.S., and all use the Egg Station to consistently cook fresh eggs.

The chain’s menu expanded as well. From starting with three egg sandwiches (egg/cheese, egg/cheese/sausage, and egg/cheese/bacon), the chain now offers nine unique, egg- based offerings — which speaks to not only the popularity of these menu items, but the operational efficiency of the equipment used to make them.
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