Full Steam Ahead with Antunes InfiniSteam IS-8000

As more and more operators realize the advantages of cooking with a commercial kitchen steamer, these flexible workhorses are continuing to play a larger role in the foodservice industry than ever before.

And Antunes, which has delivered quality steamers to customers for decades, is also at the forefront of innovating upon these critical pieces of equipment.

The Antunes InfiniSteam IS-8000 highlights that innovative approach, solving the challenge of how to rapidly retherm, cook and hold portions of various food times, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in cooking less food, more often to optimize yield and reduce overall waste.

Let’s take a closer look.


Antunes InfiniSteam: Picking Up Steam in the Kitchen

Combining high-performance boiler technology with cutting-edge control and sensing design for precise, on-demand steaming, the InfiniSteam Eight-Drawer Steamer from Antunes provides next-level steaming performance for busy kitchens.

Using precision-controlled, high-velocity bursts of steam to deliver continuous steaming and accelerated rethermalizing times, the InfiniSteam IS-8000 enables cooking staffs to prepare and hold menu items at specified times and temperatures, resulting in food that looks fresher, tastes better and is ready sooner.

The InfiniSteam IS-8000’s eight individually controlled, spacious steaming compartments in easy-to-clean, removable drawers provide an always-ready operation with zero recovery delay and prevent flavor transfer – with chicken in one, fish in another and broccoli in a third, you’ll have industry-leading capabilities without sacrificing food quality or efficiency.

Bringing speed and efficiency to any kitchen configuration, the InfiniSteam’s intelligent programming allows operators to easily steam entire meals or single portions, rethermalize up to two pounds of protein in less than six minutes, check cooking statuses, automate cleaning cycles, and utilize a smart touch-operated graphic interface that displays drawer contents, temperatures and the holding time for each drawer.

It’s simple – with the Antunes InfiniSteam IS-8000, you can reap the benefits of increased operational efficiency without traditional drawbacks of other “efficient” steaming solutions.

Water quality is one of the biggest inhibitors of successful steaming solutions. Fortunately, Antunes also offers industry-leading water treatment solutions, ensuring that the quality of your operation’s water supports the simple and efficient implementation of these beneficial solutions.


Antunes InfiniSteam: Steaming Things Up at NRA 2020

Touted as the place to explore the latest food and beverage trends and technologies emerging within the hospitality industry, the National Restaurant Association Show allows attendees to find what feeds both their souls and businesses by keeping guests coming through their doors.

As such, there’s no place Antunes would rather be than at NRA 2020, scheduled for May 16-19 at McCormick Place in Chicago. At the show, one of Antunes’ InfiniSteam IS-8000 Eight-Drawer Steamers will be displayed in the coveted Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award area, while another will be employed by our Corporate Chef to prepare tasty treats at our booth.

Drop by booth #4268 to see the InfiniSteam IS-8000 in action, or, to learn firsthand about the many benefits of steam cooking, pre-schedule a meeting to visit with one of our sales team at NRA 2020. You can also contact us now to hear back from a rep before the show.

InfiniSteam IS-8000: Next-generation boiler technology. Next-level steaming performance.


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