Getting Creative with Eggs on the Menu

Getting Creative with Eggs on the Menu

More than 73 percent of operators feature eggs on their menus, according to Technomic. This popularity means that there are opportunities to stand out from the crowd with unique pairings and ethnic cuisine.

Here are a few examples of creative breakfast LTOs from around the restaurant world — all featuring eggs1:

QSR – Smoked Shoulder Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
Thick cut, pecan-wood-smoked pork shoulder bacon is stacked next to a fried egg patty and a dab of sun-dried tomato cream cheese on parmesan-crusted Texas-style toast.

Fast Casual Restaurant – Breakfast Migas
Four extra-large eggs, fried tortilla chips, fire-roasted salsa, feta cheese, cilantro

Midscale Restaurant – Elote Mexican Street Corn Hash
Two cage-free eggs any style atop fresh seasoned potatoes, house-roasted summer sweet corn, chorizo and scallions. Topped with fresh sliced avocado, Cotija cheese, chipotle crema and fresh cilantro. Served with warm wheat-corn tortillas and fresh lime.

Traditional Casual Dining Restaurant – Avocado Toast
Toasted brioche bread, Calabrian pesto, fresh avocado, cooked-to-order eggs, balsamic glaze, crispy parmesan potatoes, arugula

Contemporary Casual Dining Restaurant – Sunrise Bowl
Organic sunny side up eggs, ancient grains, sweet potato, grilled portobello, avocado, hemp seed, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto

No matter how you’re serving eggs, efficiency and quality are keys to success — making the right egg cooking equipment critical.

The Antunes line of Egg Stations can create egg patties, omelets, hashes and old-fashioned fried eggs (with top cover off). Using a combination of heat from the grill surface and steam, this unit cooks perfectly moist eggs in only a matter of minutes.

Antunes egg cooking solutions equip operators and chefs to build unique, egg-based menu items in a number of ways — from equipment versatility to operational ease, efficiency and culinary control.

Equipment Versatility
Egg Stations let operators easily prepare a variety of signature menu items featuring eggs; everything from omelets and hashes to patties and scrambles are possible on the same machines with little to no changeover effort or additional parts.

Easier, Safer Egg Prep
Taking eggs off the traditional grill surface frees up valuable space eliminates cross contamination and allows for quick single or batch preparation that reduces food waste and serves a fresher product that’s made-to-order.

Quick Kitchen Adoption
Egg Stations allow operators to spend less time in training and labor in preparing the final menu item, which is vital in ensuring that implementing a new idea on an existing menu is both time- and cost-effective. Operators who can innovate their menus with greater practical agility can concentrate on perfecting the menu item to the customers’ taste and making a valuable return on investment.

Antunes egg cooking equipment is designed to combine speed and quality in the same low-profile piece of equipment. Operators benefit from a rapid turnaround that makes adding new egg-based menu items to the menu both convenient and profitable while reducing customer wait times compared to standard grilling methods.

Whether you’re looking to expand your breakfast offerings or enhance your current menu throughout the day with made-to-order egg dishes, Antunes is ready to help. Contact us to discuss all the culinary possibilities for eggs.

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