Helping Hamburger Chain Implement New Menu Items With A Toasting Solution
SITUATION:One of the nation’s largest hamburger chains, with more than 2,200 restaurants, identified a need to change toaster suppliers — spurred by new menu developments and operational issues.
EXECUTION:In addition to facilitating new menu items, the chain had several objectives they were looking to achieve through a new toasting solution, including improved reliability, reduced cost for the unit and its replacement parts, and a smaller footprint.

Because the chain had a positive experience with Antunes’ equipment, having previously used one of their toasters, the manufacturer was included in the supplier review.

Antunes’ custom solutions and responsive problem solving earned them the business, and they began working on a modified version of the VCT-2000 toaster to meet the chain’s specific needs.
RESULT:Antunes completed a chain wide rollout of a modified VCT-2000 toaster. The toaster features a wide-mouth opening and motorized butter wheel, allowing the quick-serve hamburger chain to undertake a new culinary development — buttered sandwich buns.

The VCT-2000’s space-saving vertical design features a dual-sided platen so crowns and heels can be fed along both sides — reducing customer wait times. Additionally, the compression settings and platen temperature are adjustable so every bun has a golden- brown finish without being flattened or marked.

“Having used a different VCT model previously, which lessens the amount of operator and maintenance training, the chain management was pleased with our ability to quickly modify the product to meet their needs and help them launch new menu items,” said Tony Vassos, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Antunes.
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