LEVERAGING OUR EXPERIENCE to serve a wide range of market segments.

Hotels, resorts, cafeterias and country clubs serve guests in a variety of settings for a whole host of events and occasions.

With high staff turnover, it can be challenging to provide a consistent experience for guests, especially with foodservice equipment that’s difficult to use. That’s why Antunes offers an assortment of reliable, easy-of-use equipment that’s ideal for the needs of hospitality foodservice programs everywhere.


Customer Satisfaction

Healthy Menus

Easy Operation

Pleasing guests is the number one goal in the hospitality business — and there’s no better way than offering an exceptional dining experience. The right equipment back-of-house helps support the highest level of service that keeps guests satisfied and more likely to return.

Versatile equipment is the key to healthy preparation. Instead of relying on deep fryers, these designs can help support a more nutritious menu that includes steamed, grilled or toasted items.

In order to focus on providing superior service to guests, staff count on equipment that’s easy to operate and maintain — freeing them up to concentrate on guest needs.