How Product Displays Are Adapting to New Restaurant Layouts

New channels of communication between foodservice providers and their customers are allowing restaurants to better track and respond to changing consumer behaviors. QSRs and C-stores are adapting the landscape of their locations in anticipation of customer demand.

These new layouts can incorporate fewer registers, more self-service interactive kiosks, and a more open floor plan. With these new layouts, product displays need to rise to the occasion and adapt with the restaurant.

How do displays figure into a redesigned foodservice layout?

Restaurants and C-stores reorganizing their space see that areas previously used for registers can be used to sell more products with an effectively placed display case. But to best fit in with the redesign, displays need to integrate with the new flow of sale as well as the new décor. The partnering equipment manufacturer needs to produce displays with intuitive, customer-focused designs for them to be effective.

There’s more to displays than meets the eye – a good display can boost sales by a significant margin. This requires a display design that meshes well with the restaurant’s layout by maximizing visibility and being proportioned for easy access and optimum product capacity.

Well-designed displays can also work well in restaurants that feature more technologically advanced customer interfaces, such as interactive kiosks. Pairing a product display in an area with self-service kiosks adds a physical presence for the restaurant’s ready-to-serve foods, complementing a customer’s virtual ordering experience and supplementing sales.

To do this, displays need to adapt to a restaurant’s new layout. This customization means having the look and feel of the company’s brand as well as an effective design.

New restaurant layout paradigms show that QSRs and C-stores are listening to their customers, and in turn, Antunes is listening to these foodservice providers to make their new layouts successful. Antunes offers a range of displays that not only show off a restaurant’s products but also offer an enticing point of sale. Antunes also manufactures heated display cabinets that keep products at the perfect temperature as well as a focal point of a sales area.

Antunes offers display customization for QSR and C-store brands looking to make layout reconfiguration more functional and more profitable. To learn more about Antunes’ flexible equipment design features, click here.