Improving Water Pressure and Taste with a Quality Filtration Solution
SITUATION:The owner-operator of a quick-serve restaurant that is part of a multinational chain installed a competitor’s water filtration after a store renovation. The store experienced low water pressure and decreased water quality for soft drinks. The operator then tried another competitor, but still had pressure and quality issues, even after upgrading to a higher capacity water filter from the same manufacturer.
EXECUTION:The operator met Antunes at a chain convention and listened to the presentation on the VZN water filtration system and its features. With the VZN Ultrafiltration System, operators experience the benefits of premium water filtration without the constant costs of maintenance and cartridge replacement. The VZN System delivers high-quality ingredient water through a two-phase process that extends the lifespans of the ultrafilter and carbon cartridge — ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership. He installed the Antunes VZN-441V Ultrafiltration System, but after his challenges with other units, he was skeptical that it could meet his needs.
RESULT:Five years later, the VZN water filtration unit is still performing reliably and providing quality water for the store. Along with delivering 60 lbs. of water pressure consistently, the VZN can be back flushed according to the store’s needs. The operator describes this as “essentially a new water filtration system every four hours,” which he feels is “phenomenal.” Additionally, the savings on maintenance is unmatched, compared to the expense of the previous units. Among the many benefits of the VZN system, what has the operator most excited is the improvement in the taste of the water compared to the other water filtration systems he tried. “The water is pure, and our sodas taste great. We’re serving great products thanks to VZN.”
ABOUT:Antunes is a leading custom foodservice equipment manufacturer, specializing in countertop cooking and water filtration solutions for global operations. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes is driven by a commitment to provide reliable performance, customer-focused service and premium quality.