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Jet Steamer

The Jet Steamer makes it easy to efficiently prepare small portions of a wide range of menu items, from eggs, oatmeal and rice to vegetables, seafood, soups and more. The generator converts plain tap water into bursts of steam that are injected into the steaming cup.


The Jet Steamer is available in 1 unique model.

The JS-1000 offers customizable touchscreen controls for one-touch steaming.

Features / Benefits



  • Cooks product faster and more efficiently than traditional methods
  • Prepares a single egg in 23 seconds, oatmeal in 26 seconds, rice in 16 seconds, soup in 20 seconds and tortellini in 45 seconds
  • Touchscreen interface features preprogrammed and customizable cooking times, allowing operators to easily prepare a variety of menu items
  • Generates steam from plain tap water with the simple push of a button
  • Requires a direct water line connection