Keeping It ‘In the Family’ Pays Big

Tania Sanchez wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school.

Then, she started working at Antunes and realized she was exactly where she wanted to be.

“I liked the work. I wanted to be part of something. At that time, there was a Wendy’s project that was a huge rollout, and I was able to learn a lot of things and able to be part of a team and help a team,” she said.

Later, thanks to Antunes programs that provide reimbursement for college, Sanchez secured her associate’s degree, worked in various parts of the company and rose to the position of Service Parts Supervisor.

It’s a special story, but one that isn’t entirely unique at Antunes, because the company seeks to keep the family atmosphere it had when Vice President Jane Bullock’s father founded it more than 60 years ago.

That manifests itself in programs like those Sanchez benefited from, but also in a commitment to health and wellness that goes beyond simply a ping pong table (which Antunes does have) and extends to a full gym, plus a clinic with a doctor and nurse on site and a flexible time-off policy.

“We need to grow. We need to be profitable. And we need to keep our eye on expanding. But, with all of that, there’s a great amount of responsibility to give back and be part of the community and touch as many lives as we can,” said Glenn Bullock, Antunes CEO. “We can’t do that unless we’re profitable, but, as a company, we really do talk a lot about our corporate social responsibility and how we can generate those benefits for all the people we touch.”