Launching Compact Toasters To Meet The Needs Of A Major QSR Chicken Chain
SITUATION:A quick-service chicken restaurant chain, with more than 1,950 restaurants, wanted a new toasting system that provides a better quality toast and be able to toast additional items for planned menu expansion. However, the new toasting system needed to fit into the same footprint as the existing toaster so that operators would not have to reconfigure their prep lines to accommodate new equipment.
EXECUTION:Building on a toaster concept that had been previously tested by the chain, Antunes began the development process. Prototypes were evaluated by the manufacturer and in the field, and following an extensive review, two toaster units designed specifically for the restaurant were produced.
RESULT:Antunes completed the chain-wide rollout of two custom toasters for the chain: the VCT-2 vertical contact toaster and the RT-2 radiant toaster — the first pieces of Antunes equipment the restaurant rolled out to their operations.

The VCT-2 and RT-2 are used side-by-side in the prep line; the VCT-2 is used to toast buns for the lunch and dinner menu, while the RT-2 is used for breakfast items. Additionally, because of their compact footprint — each measuring 13 inches wide — the two toasters fit into the same space occupied by the previous toaster.

“We worked closely with the chain to develop toasters that would provide a better quality toast on the buns and breakfast items, while fitting into the allotted space and giving them the flexibility to handle future menu innovations,” said Tony Vassos, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Antunes. “We were so pleased with the results that we now offer this equipment to an expanded foodservice market.”
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