Providing Flexibility to Cook Eggs to Order and Serve Breakfast All Day
SITUATION:To support their growing all-day breakfast initiative, one of the world’s largest hamburger fast food restaurant chains wanted the ability to cook smaller batches of eggs — including individual orders — on demand.
EXECUTION:Working with longtime partner Antunes, the chain first implemented an upgrade kit for an existing egg station to incorporate a split lid design. From there, a new unit was developed: the Egg Station with Dual Zone, or ESDZ-1200. This new unit features two independently controlled grill surfaces whereas the previous piece of equipment only had a single control for the grill surface to provide better product consistency.

With the ESDZ-1200, instead of having to cook 12 eggs at once and then hold extra product — and pitching after the holding time has expired — the chain can now cook as little as one egg at a time with the same great tasting, quality results customers expect.
RESULT:The ESDZ-1200 is used to efficiently cook eggs for breakfast menu items throughout the day for a number of the restaurants within the chain’s large, worldwide footprint. The unit’s unique split cover allows operators to cook on demand and handle staggered batches simultaneously — all without compromising on food quality. Because of this ability to cook low-volume quantities to order, the chain’s operators can also anticipate lower food waste costs.

Additionally, the ESDZ-1200 won a National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation award in 2017, which recognizes forward-thinking equipment and technologies that increase efficiencies and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefit restaurant operators.
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