Touchless Sauce Dispenser

Easily dispense sauces touch-free for both front-and back-of-house operations. The Touchless Sauce Dispenser by Antunes offers foodservice operators completely hands-free dispensing for a variety of sauces.

  • – Touchless activation and automatic sauce stop.
  • – Easy, touchless activation by placing cup onto base of dispenser.
  • – Sauce stops automatically and drip-free once preset volume is dispensed.
  • – Sauce volume easily adjusted using integrated controls.
  • – Single Sauce model (shown) customizable for additional sauces.
  • – Precisely dispenses both thin and viscous sauces.
  • – Sauces poured into concealed 3.3 liter canisters.
  • – Available in 16mm and 38mm connectors for Cryovac sauce bag applications.
  • – Customizable capacity for sauces.
  • – Customizable powder coated color options.

Spec Sheet