Vertical Contact Toaster

The Vertical Contact Toaster gives buns a consistent, golden brown finish so they don’t soak up the juices of the ingredients, helping the sandwich stay firm and delicious. With a dual-sided platen, the Vertical Contact Toaster has more capacity than conventional single-sided toasters, allowing operations to quickly serve fresh products to customers without making them wait.

  • – Dual-sided platen for additional toasting capacity compared to conventional single-sided toasters.
  • – Auxiliary heater warms top side of buns.
  • – Digital controller to adjust temperature of the platen.
  • – Space-saving vertical design.
  • – Continuously moving conveyor for immediate toasting.
  • – Separate compression adjustments for the heel and the crown.
  • – Release sheets allow buns to move easily down the heated platen without sticking or slipping.
  • – Easy to operate and clean.
  • – Stainless steel construction.
  • – Available toasting times range from 10 to 28 seconds.
  • – Additional features available, including wide mouth bun feeder, butter wheel, and heated base.

Owner’s Manual

Spec Sheet