VZN Ultrafiltration System

With the VZN series of ultrafiltration systems, operations can deliver high-quality ingredient water to the entire beverage portfolio while also minimizing operating costs compared to other filtration systems.

  • – .015 micron ultrafilter removes particles 33 times finer than .5 micron filtration, assuring consistent high quality water.
  • – Self-cleaning particle reduction assures low maintenance costs.
  • – Separation of mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction assures long time between cartridge changes.
  • – Systems with a TAC cartridge reduce lime scale by 96– 98% without using chemicals or wasting water.
  • – Maintains good water minerals that provide benefits to customers’ health while also creating high-quality drinks.
  • – Systems are also available for chloramine reduction (tested and verified by independent laboratory testing).

Owner’s Manual

Spec Sheet