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Rapid Steamer

The Rapid Steamer uses directed steam to preserve the original texture, color, flavor, and nutritional value of menu items while creating a high quality product.


The Rapid Steamer is available in 1 unique model.

The RS-1000 features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that helps eliminate the guesswork that comes with preparing a variety of items — producing a uniform result with every order. The RS-1000 also features a USB connection that allows operators to easily load new recipes as menus expand.

Features / Benefits



  • Two-compartment steamer makes it easy to prepare individual portions of made-to-order menu items
  • Touchscreen interface allows for quickly preparing a variety of menu items as well as programming new recipes
  • USB connection to easily upload recipes for new menu items
  • Instantly turns plain tap water into super-heated dry steam
  • Prepares a variety of different menu items with a consistent finish each and every time
  • Fully adjustable pulse of steam
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Solid state controls
  • Includes direct water hook-up kit (required)