Small Space, Big Impact: Kiosks as a C-Store Equipment Solution

When equipping a convenience store’s foodservice operations there are several considerations:

  • Ability to address consumer preferences and trends, such as made-to-order menu items
  • Limited space for cooking
  • Labor constraints and accounting for employees with multiple responsibilities
  • The ROI for menu items and equipment needed to make them

The options for foodservice can be exciting, but also overwhelming. A straightforward equipment solution that meets your operation’s needs is just what Antunes is offering with new branded, modular foodservice kiosks.

Ted Asprooth, Business Development Manager for Antunes’ c-store business, discusses this new product solution in this Q&A.

What is the kiosk?

The c-store kiosk is a self-contained display unit that holds select pieces of Antunes equipment along with needed prep space. It is designed to output an operation’s menu needs within a small area.

How was the kiosk idea developed?

Realizing that c-stores are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for fresh, made-to-order foodservice, Antunes paired with Food Concepts, Inc. to develop a new concept for crafting high-quality menu items in a small space without the need for a ventilation hood. Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable and selective about their tastes, and are always looking for the fresh option.

Why should c-store operators consider making fresh food a priority?

Fresh, made-to-order foodservice allows c-store operators to strengthen their brand by offering customers something different and unique to their stores. The foodservice kiosk enables c-store operators to boost their profits while delighting on-the-go customers and their trending taste for food that’s prepared fresh and just for them.

Who can benefit the most from the kiosk?

The kiosk is ideal for c-stores looking to better serve their on-the-go diners or break into foodservice altogether. These c-stores recognize that they can’t remove valuable counterspace that already houses profitable point of sale options, and that they need a foodservice equipment solution that adds to their profitability without a large tradeoff in space. The kiosk delivers this with compact equipment housed within a compact, custom-branded space that has a contemporary look and feel to appeal to diners looking beyond premade meals. Operators and consumers also benefit from the versatility of the kiosk’s equipment that allows them to seamlessly change menus throughout the day without changing out the equipment.

How does the kiosk help operators?

The kiosk’s compact footprint and plug-and-play installation lets operators bring the fresh foodservice concept to life in their stores with minimal setup and delicious results. Efficient equipment that’s easy to operate — from high-performance toasters to consistency-providing egg stations and steamers — gives c-stores the ability to deliver profitable, made-to-order menu items with a quick turnaround time.

In what other ways does the kiosk make foodservice easier for operators?

The key to the kiosk is all in the name of its location: convenience. By centralizing foodservice in one compact area of the store and equipping operators with everything they need to quickly serve busy customers in any daypart, the kiosk makes foodservice a convenient route to increased store profits. Because the equipment inside the kiosk is versatile, operators can change their menus based on daypart, limited time offers, or emerging trends, without ever needing to switch equipment.

What are some additional beneficial features of the kiosk?

The kiosk features custom branding and signage and durable laminate exteriors designed to match a store’s interior. The units are available in a range of sizes for both floor and countertop configurations, which ship flat for easy delivery and installation. Additionally, operators only have to change the menu signage to switch between dayparts and foodservice offerings.

Want to see how this plug-and-play solution could work for you? The next step would be evaluating which area of the store you would dedicate to the kiosk, and what kinds of menu items they want to serve. Antunes and Food Concepts, Inc. have a number of recommended kiosk appearances and menu/equipment suggestions for c-store operators.

Contact Ted directly at or (847) 404-2521 to discuss your needs. Or, if you’d like further c-store foodservice insights, read How C-Stores Can Capitalize on “Breakfast on the Go.”