Stories Behind Success

Here at Antunes, our goal is to drive success for every customer — first by listening, then by delivering on our steadfast commitment to excellence. Our team members across all departments are committed to this endeavor. In addition to the work they do to support our customers on a daily basis, many individuals and teams go above and beyond to ensure we’re delivering on our promise.

Here, we share some of our “stories behind success” ― Antunes team members that create solutions and demonstrate how, with Antunes, you can expect success.

The newest stories will be posted at the top of the page, and if you would like to share a story behind success, please let us know via this contact form.

On a Friday afternoon, when most people had already left for the weekend, an installer for a large QSR called about an order. They wanted 20+ replacement cartridges for water filtration systems, and they wanted them that same day. Team members from the shipping and inventory departments quickly put the order together ― even after the installer called back the same day asking for some additional cartridges. Everything was packed up and delivered to our customer that same night, allowing them to receive everything three days earlier than the standard processing time.

One Friday afternoon, a QSR chain customer called regarding an order they had already placed for new bun feeders for their toasters. The order was scheduled for delivery the following Tuesday, but they asked if they could get it that day. 

When told of the customer’s request, one of our team members simply stated “If that’s what the customer wants, that’s what we’ll do.” Our service parts and shipping departments quickly got to work, and within the span of 15 minutes, the entire order had been assembled and palletized and was on the dock ready to go out.