Supporting Restaurant Chain Brands through Product Consistency

Chain restaurants want consistent food quality and menu execution across locations so that consumers can enjoy the same experience whether they’re eating down the street or across the globe.

Not only does this encourage repeat business, it also can support a chain’s brand by meeting customer expectations.

Many factors go into creating a consistent menu item, and equipment plays a key role. If a chain is experiencing an inconsistent product due to an equipment issue, the situation typically falls within one of three categories: inefficient equipment performance, human error or the use of inadequate equipment.

Antunes works with customers to improve product consistency through custom equipment solutions. Here are example situations for each of the categories mentioned above and how Antunes’ equipment helps to solve the issue.

Inefficient equipment performance

Situation: An international fast food restaurant chain was seeking a reliable solution to toast sandwich buns that would compensate for fluctuations in service throughout the day.

Solution: Antunes produced a horizontal variation of its Gold Standard Toaster, which features programmable controls that allow operators to make quick adjustments to the platen heater temperature and motor speed to ensure the desired toast quality is achieved on a consistent basis.

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Human error

Situation: In order to steam the meat for their signature sandwiches, a fast casual restaurant chain’s employees had previously used equipment that required them to manually pump water the entire time to generate steam. Results would vary between employees — leading to an inconsistent product and potentially dissatisfied customers.

Solution: Antunes’ Deluxe Food Warmers gave the chain consistent results with a single push of a button generating the same amount of steam each time.

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Use of inadequate equipment

Situation: A Canadian fast food restaurant chain was looking for greater consistency in the eggs used for their breakfast sandwiches.

Solution: The Antunes Egg Station cooks the eggs the same way in the same amount of time — giving them menu consistency from store-to-store, which contributes to a reliable guest experience.

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Consistent menu items help to reinforce a brand for the consumer. Have questions on how to improve consistency with proper equipment? Contact us to start the conversation.