Thanksgiving Wishes from Antunes

A Message from Glenn and Jane Bullock

This Thanksgiving season, we are truly honored to express our thankfulness for so many things, chief among them the family and people that enrich our lives.

We have seen such growth and development at Antunes this year because of the passionate dedication to excellence our partners and team members embody. We have seen such extraordinary outreach to others through charity because of their empathy and commitment to living by the golden rule. We have seen Antunes progress on its mission of innovating, giving back, and changing the world because of this ever-growing culture of collaboration and empathy.

We are thankful that this value-driven spirit can touch more lives than ever before. Just this month, Antunes received the Illinois Family Business of the Year Award in the Large Business category. This was possible because our team members paved the way for the success and growth of the company throughout the years by living and working in the same spirit of family and harmony that our founder August J. Antunes envisioned.

To everyone we wish a very happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, and a special thanks for being part of our mission to make people successful.