The Benefits of High Performance Steaming

According to a recent blog post from Technomic, “the past five years have seen a 118% increase in the number of mentions of healthy items on menus.”

Steaming is universally viewed as a healthier way to cook, because it doesn’t involve any cooking oils or fats and maintains food’s vitamins and minerals that may be lost in other cooking methods.

Operators looking to incorporate steaming as a cooking method should consider the following benefits that a steamer can impart to any foodservice operation:

Simpler operation

The steamer’s generator converts plain tap water to steam to quickly penetrate and heat product. Antunes models are available with either a self-contained water reservoir or direct water hookup to meet the needs of the operation.

Shorter wait times

Steamers can eliminate the need for time-consuming methods that require constant attention.

Consistent performance

With a consistent amount of steam each time, there’s no guesswork and no room for error ― for everything from a full, portion-controlled meal to a fresh sandwich. With this level of precision and accuracy, steamers can prepare and finish menu items so that they always look the same when served to the customer.

Quality products

Steamed food maintains its original texture, color, flavor and nutrients — resulting in a fresh and appetizing final product.


With the right steamer, operators can build a bigger, more complete menu with just a single piece of equipment. For example, the Antunes Miracle Steamer features two steam options—push-button action for instant results and a programmable timed cycle for longer steaming.

Antunes steamers come in two configurations: top-down and open compartment.

Antunes top-down steamers feature a generator located above the food compartment. Steam is directed down onto the food below — an ideal method for finishing nachos or melting cheese on sandwiches.

On the other hand, our open compartment steamers deliver steam from all sides — cooking and heating foods quickly and evenly. This steaming method is ideal for more complex menu items like tortillas, ground beef, vegetables or even pasta.

The latest addition to Antunes’ steamer lineup is the Rapid Steamer. The steamer’s design and cooking method gives operators the speed and versatility to expand their menus while enhancing food quality.

The compact unit’s two 20-ounce compartments enable operators to quickly prepare individual portions of made-to-order menu items at the same time — from vegetables and seafood to pasta and proteins. Intelligent programming automatically adjusts the amount of steam introduced to the chamber for ideal steaming in every cycle.

Thanks to Antunes’ carefully engineered control settings, operators can count on fast, reliable preparation for a wide range of menu items — even simultaneously ― with the use of steam.

Learn more about steamers from Antunes by watching this video.