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Ultrafiltration (UFL)

The Ultrafiltration System from Antunes helps improve the quality of drinking water throughout your operation, decreasing the frequency of maintenance issues that can arise due to poor water quality. The system features a .015 micron ultrafilter that substantially reduces particles in the water — and its self-cleaning ability extends the life of the cartridge, allowing the system to operate with little user intervention.


The Ultrafiltration (UFL) is available in 3 unique models.

The UFL-540 has a maximum flow rate of 15 gpm (57 lpm).
The UFL-520 has a maximum flow rate of 7.9 gpm (29.1 lpm).
The UFL-510 has a maximum flow rate of 5.2 gpm (19 lpm).

Features / Benefits



  • UFL-420 and UFL-440 systems are NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certified for particulate reduction and Standard 53 certified for the reduction of cyst and turbidity
  • Reduces particles as small as .015 microns
  • Maintains water minerals that are beneficial to health
  • Long-lasting ultrafilter
  • Plug adaptor for US, Europe, UK and Australia