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Warmer Drawer

The Warmer Drawer keeps foods fresh and delicious — ready to serve at a moment’s notice with that genuine made-to-order flavor. The unit features a precision thermostat to ensure food quality and safety, as well as available configurations for holding bread products or protein-based items like hot dogs and sausages (WD-50 only).


The Warmer Drawer is available in 4 unique models.

With a capacity of one two-thirds-size pan and two one-thirds-size pans, the WD-50 can hold 60- 80 standard hot dogs for up to two hours. Use the WD-50 separately, or it can be stacked or fit under the HDC-50 Hot Dog Corral.
The WD-35A holds a capacity of two 2/3-size 4" (102 mm) deep steam table pans and 50-60 standard hot dog buns.
The WD-21A holds a capacity of one full-size 4" (102 mm) deep steam table pan and 40-50 standard hot dog buns.
The WD-20 holds a capacity of 40 standard hot dog buns.

Features / Benefits


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-adjust thermostat
  • Designed to be used separately, stacked or under the Hot Dog Corral
  • Easy to clean