A.J. Antunes & Co. Releases New Line of Filtration Products

Experience a new freedom in foodservice water treatment systems and cartridges with ClearBev, a new development from VIZION™ by A.J. Antunes & Co. ClearBev provides everyone who wants consistently high-quality water with the ability to choose—from those who want options when replacing cartridges to those who want systems configured specifically for their operation’s needs.

With ClearBev, there is finally an economical alternative to filtration that does not compromise on quality or performance. ClearBev cartridges are interchangeable with legacy 3M™/Cuno®, AquaPure®, and Everpure® products and meet or exceed their performance standards, providing owners with some much-needed flexibility. No longer confined to a single brand and its distribution network, owners can choose filtration cartridges based not only on their needs but also on their budget.

ClearBev Cartridges

The ClearBev cartridges deliver high quality water for a variety of applications. Available with multiple technologies and capacities, these cartridges allow you to build a system for sediment, chemical taste and odor, and scale reduction. These filters can be used in a filtration system either as a single cartridge encapsulated in a plastic housing or as a multi-stage filter system for high-flow equipment applications.

Every ClearBev cartridge has a quick-change connector and requires no pre-activation, which makes cartridge replacement an easy and hassle free process. Because the sanitary design keeps the filter protected and untouched throughout the replacement process, there is no risk of contamination that would compromise the filtration performance.

ClearBev Systems

brackets and then configure your system with the ClearBev cartridges available in a variety of technologies and capacities. Each system include a mono-block plastic header that offers fewer leak points and a lower pressure drop across the system. Each header features a high-quality stainless steel bracket for added durability and simple installation. Systems are available in eight different configurations and can be assembled with an assortment of cartridges to address any specific set of filtration needs.

About A.J. Antunes & Co.

A.J. Antunes & Co. is a family owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment under the ROUNDUP® brand, advanced water treatment solutions under the VIZION™ brand, and air and gas pressure switches and custom electronic controls under the Antunes Controls brand. For more than 55 years, A.J. Antunes & Co. has proudly built its reputation on creating innovative and high-quality products that consistently meet customers’ needs in order to ensure their success.