Automated Solutions

Growing demand for efficiency, labor savings and customized production equipment brings new possibilities at the forefront of foodservice technology: automation.

At Antunes, we recognize the expanding role of automated solutions across industries worldwide, and we look forward to pioneering its transformation of the foodservice industry and the success of our customers. To chart the course for our customers’ success, Antunes completed the strategic acquisition in 2019 of Automated Manufacturing Solutions, a manufacturing automation design and build firm.

As the core of our new Antunes Innovation Center in Crystal Lake, Illinois, our application of proven automation and mechanization technology to back-of-house restaurant operations is changing the way operators think about foodservice and grow their business. By automating and standardizing labor-intensive processes, operators are able to refocus staffing to other areas of the store. Customized automated solutions allow restaurants to improve customer experiences, strengthen food quality, and expand more profitably.

The Antunes advanced development team works closely with customers to engineer custom solutions that address their specific pain points, bringing the power and sophistication of industrial automation to the future of commercial foodservice.

Automated Bun Feeding & Sauce Dispensing

Touchless Sauce Dispenser

Antunes “Around the Table” Podcast: Automation in Quick Service Restaurants



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