Integrated Solutions

Foodservice operators rely on Antunes not only for single-point countertop equipment, but also for custom integrated solutions that improve operations on an even larger scale. Taking a holistic approach on maximizing kitchen efficiency and reducing labor, the Antunes advanced development team offers operators new possibilities for streamlining foodservice while boosting production.

Integrated solutions combine multiple equipment applications – from toasting and steaming to dispensing, holding, and beyond – into a single point-of-use system. Whether it’s maximizing throughput for a specific menu item, or generating significant savings in energy and labor costs, an integrated solution is customized to transform operational challenges into tangible gains.

Backed by more than 65 years of industry expertise, our customers use Antunes’ approach of collaborative partnership to create a comprehensive solution just for them. Because each custom integrated solution is modular, each part of the prep stations and cooking centers can be made developed to drive specific results for foodservice operations, no matter the size or the application.

Mobile Soup Station Sandwich Prep & Cooking 
Pasta Prep Station

Designed for a popular QSR looking to decrease time-to-serve, reduce waste, and improve safety, the Mobile Soup Station integrates all stages of the soup prep process. By combining storage, cup dispensing, refrigeration, and warming, individualized soups can be made for each customer while reducing food waste and expanding menu variety.

Designed for a leading c-store in need of more compact foodservice prep/cooking space to rapidly retherm proteins, the Sandwich Prep & Cooking Center maximizes critical kitchen space while improving food quality. The Sandwich Prep & Cooking Center allows operators to offer fast, personalized service while integrating storage, refrigeration, prep space, rethermalization, toasting and steaming.

Designed for a popular fast casual restaurant in need of greater consistency and speed in peak hour demand, the Pasta Prep Station combines the applications of two different quick-use steamers with toasting, dispensing, and refrigeration capabilities. The Pasta Prep Station ensures quality and consistency across a wide variety of menu items while freeing up valuable kitchen space.

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