Egg Station

With the Egg Station from Antunes, any operation can easily serve a fresh, made-to-order egg sandwich or omelet. Using a combination of heat from the grill surface and steam, this unit cooks perfectly moist eggs in only a matter of minutes. No hassle, no guesswork. The heated grill surface of the Egg Station cooks the eggs while the non-stick rings give the product its shape. Steam is created under the pivoting cover that is lowered over the rings.

  • – Quickly cook eggs for breakfast items without taking up valuable grill space.
  • – Small footprint to easily fit into any operation.
  • – Cooks room temperature eggs in 120 seconds and refrigerated eggs in 150 seconds.
  • – Available with non-stick rings for 3″ eggs, 4″ eggs, and 8″ omelets.
  • – Available with front grill for heating pre-cooked sliced meats.
  • – Audio and visual signal for operation.
  • – Easy to clean with included scrap tray.

Owner’s Manual

Spec Sheet