Ultrafiltration System

The UF-216CC uses a self-cleaning ultrafiltration cartridge ahead of a low-cost carbon cartridge to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. The ultrafiltration cartridge reduces almost all particles as small as .015 microns, substantially reducing microbiological contaminates and providing healthy drinking water, while the carbon cartridge removes chlorine and objectionable tastes.

  • – .015 micron ultrafiltration removes almost all suspended particles, assuring consistent high-quality water.
  • –  Self-cleaning capabilities assure long time between cartridge changes.
  • – Microbiological reduction provides healthy drinking water.
  • – Carbon cartridge removes chlorine and objectionable tastes.
  • – Operation simplicity.
  • – Small footprint makes system ideal for point-of-use applications.

Owner’s Manual

Spec Sheet