LEVERAGING OUR EXPERIENCE to serve a wide range of market segments.

Today’s QSR operators are focused on speed, reliability and consistency.

As labor and utility costs rise, they also understand the value of conserving resources and streamlining operations as much as possible. Antunes has the solutions to help QSRs solve their everyday challenges while meeting long-term goals for sustainability and growth.


Speed of Service

Labor & Utility Efficiency

Global Consistency

The key to success in the QSR space is serving high-volume, high-quality food — quickly. Operators need dependable equipment they can rely on during peak periods when throughput is high.

As wages increase, it’s often harder to recruit and maintain qualified staff. QSRs are always looking for ways to save money without compromising the guest experience. A key part of that savings is reducing water and energy consumption by using more efficient equipment.

QSRs must create — and recreate — consistent guest experiences to keep customers coming back again and again. When equipment is easy to learn, operate and maintain, it’s easier for staff to focus on providing superior service.