Recapping the 2019 NAFEM Show
“Imagine Something Different!”

If you visited the Antunes booth during the 2019 NAFEM Show, you know that this was the focus for our booth — inviting attendees to learn how Antunes can help them address operational trends, as well as their operation’s specific needs. Our product displays and culinary demonstrations by Chef Joe Arvin highlighted some of the topics that were top of mind at this year’s show: small spaces, healthy cooking methods, global flavors and connected kitchens.

Small spaces

Whether it’s with versatile equipment that can accomplish multiple tasks or creative ways to utilize available space, operators are trying to maximize their kitchen and fit their operations into the smallest footprint possible.

NAFEM marked the debut of the Antunes Egg Station Mini — which aligns well with this trend. The Egg Station Mini makes it easier than ever for operations to serve fresh, made-to-order eggs for an all-day breakfast menu. With a footprint smaller than any other available Egg Station, this unit allows operators to move eggs off the grill while requiring very little additional space in the kitchen.

Healthy cooking methods

Customers expect food to be fresh and flavorful, even from QSRs. Cooking with steam ensures that cuisine’s flavors, colors and textures are enhanced — not degraded — from prep to presentation. Kitchens can now use steamers that match or surpass a microwave’s speed and ease of use while delivering a more appealing product that looks and tastes fresher.

Antunes steamers offer operators a way to cook foods quickly while keeping the nutritional integrity and appetizing look of the final dish.

Global flavors

Global flavors are mentioned in two of the National Restaurant Association’s hottest food and beverage trends for 2019. Also, as Chef Joe Arvin commented, we’re seeing trends around Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisines start to move to the forefront.

Whether it’s lavash from the Middle East, pita from Greece, naan from Asia or tortillas from Mexico and Central and South America, flatbreads play a key role in creating globally-inspired menu items that consumers want.

The Antunes Flatbread Toaster provides a consistent, ideal temperature, as opposed to just heating wraps in a microwave or taking up space on a flat-top grill — giving operators an ideal solution for their flatbread needs.

Custom Solutions

Antunes is always looking to identify and solve customers’ pain points with innovative designs and an open, consultative partnership. At our NAFEM booth, we were proud to showcase our range of custom countertop cooking and water filtration technology, which serves our customers not just as equipment, but as entire solutions created specifically to make them successful.

Whether you were at NAFEM 2019 or not, we’d love to hear what issues you’re facing or ideas you have for the future of foodservice. We’re passionate about solving your greatest challenges with innovative solutions, so send us a note to get the conversation going. You can also hear more from our experts in the Antunes Insights section of our website.