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Hot Dog Corral

The Hot Dog Corral sears in all the delicious flavor of this menu favorite by basting the hot dogs in their own juices as they move along the heated grill surface. The unit maintains the grill temperature with an adjustable thermostat to keep hot dogs tasting fresh for up to six hours. The Hot Dog Corral features just one moving part — making it easy to operate, clean and service when needed.


The Hot Dog Corral is available in 6 unique models.

The HDC-50A cooks a capacity of 50 hot dogs.
The HDC-35A cooks a capacity of 35 hot dogs.
The HDC-30A cooks a capacity of 30 hot dogs.
The HDC-21A cooks a capacity of 21 hot dogs.
The HDC-20RC cooks a capacity of 20 hot dogs.
The HDC-20 cooks a capacity of 50 hot dogs.

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