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Touchless Sauce Dispenser

The Touchless Sauce Dispenser by Antunes is a safer, cleaner, and more precise way to serve condiments. Optical sensors and unique vacuum pullback technology provide exact, touch-free portions – eliminating handpumps and packets. Its modular design configures to any store, front- and back-of-house. It is customizable with a variable number of nozzles, product viscosities, ambient/heated temperatures, and volumes dispensed.


The Touchless Sauce Dispenser is available in 1 unique model.

The Touchless Sauce Dispenser offers foodservice operators completely hands-free dispensing for a variety of sauces. By simply placing a cup on the base, users can quickly get the sauce of their choice dispensed in a clean, precise dose without the need for manual hand pumps and sauce packets. With a sleek, front-of-house friendly interface, the Touchless Sauce Dispenser takes mess and cross-contamination out of the equation for easier, safer foodservice.

Features / Benefits



  • Touchless activation and automatic sauce stop.
  • Easy, touchless activation by placing cup onto base of dispenser.
  • Sauce stops automatically and drip-free once preset volume is dispensed.
  • Sauce volume easily adjusted using integrated controls.
  • Single Sauce model (shown) customizable for additional sauces.
  • Precisely dispenses both thin and viscous sauces.
  • Sauces poured into concealed 3.3 liter canisters, with customizable capacity available.
  • Available in 16mm and 38mm connectors for Cryovac sauce bag applications.
  • Customizable powder coated color options.

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